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Maywood Native, Former NBA Player Launches Tech Program At D89

Steven Hunter and Steve Wozniak have announced up to $5 million in support for K-employment initiatives in K-12 schools. This partnership has arisen from their shared passion to prepare today’s youth for successful employment. Hunter is committed to igniting economic development in cities plagued by poverty and post-industrial decay, while Wozniak has demonstrated that when students are given the opportunity to develop an engineering mindset through hands-on projects as early as possible, they can land high-paying, high tech jobs shortly after completing high school. Hunter and Wozniak have teamed up to help make it happen in the Chicago metropolitan area through Woz U Education.

Woz U Education provides a personalized approach to nurturing an engineering mindset through hands-on projects that progress from Kindergarten through employment. These learners can land high-demand tech jobs, create new products, build new businesses, and positively impact the world. They dream, design, engineer, test, improve, and create through coding, robotics, drones, 3D printing, data analysis, and mobile development.

Hunter and Woz plan to change the world, one community at a time.